Katerina Myers

As a granddaughter of a dog whisperer and rescuer, Katerina grew up around dogs. Her first childhood memory regarding dogs is finding an abandoned dog litter on the side of a road, bringing it home with her grandmother to nurture, and later finding homes for all but one she could keep as her first puppy. Since then, she has been lucky to have dogs in her life, whether at her grandmother's home or her own. Including the farm dog at her great grandparents' house that she used to sneak inside to play.

Her education includes Bachelor's degree in Finance and Teaching and a Master's Degree in Exceptional Students Education with a heavy emphasis on behavior modifications.

Nick Myers

Nick, a dog lover by nature, enjoys a structured playtime that incorporates training and exercise. He enjoys figuring out the dogs’ behavior, temperament, the way they like to play, etc. His attention to detail and ability to multi-task make him an excellent dog trainer.

His educational and job background is in software engineering. However, aside from being an engineer, an IT guru, and an overall fix-it guy – he is also a public servant. He loves living on 2.3 acres as there are always plenty of projects for him to do, things to build and improve.

Kaitlyn Myers

Kaitlyn loves all animals with all of her heart. She is the oldest of three sisters and has been helping take care of dogs since she was nine years old. She is a very responsible young lady who has many gifts and talents.

Xenia Myers

Just like her older sister, Xenia is an animal lover. Xenia particularly loves small dog breeds and spoils them with love and attention when they come. She loves to play and run outside, which helps with keeping dogs of all sizes active.

Zoe Myers

Zoe is easygoing and loves life to the fullest. Her favorite phrase is, “Today is the best day ever!” She is a complete natural when it comes to dogs. The rest of the family watches in awe at how she can turn almost any dog into a gentle, submissive bundle of goo under her tiny hands with a gentle pet. Her positive energy is contagious!